VIA Logistics Professionals has been active in the field of employment mediation in the logistics sector for 22 years. The company is run by three partners: Eric van den Borst, Paul Custers, and Roy Knelissen. Together with a team of fifteen people, they aim to find perfect matches between companies and candidates every day. A perfect match is by no means a given. It is important that the candidate receives personal and professional guidance in their career choice. That way, a well-considered decision can be taken together and enthusiasm can be assured.

‘We have a pivotal role within the logistics chain.’

The importance of roots for growth 

The main reason why VIA Logistics Professionals is based in Limburg is that the company was ‘born and bred’ there. This is where the company ‘grew up’ and flourished. The province itself has grown to become a logistics hotspot. The many logistics companies based here have also contributed to the growth of VIA Logistics Professionals. 

‘We have a pivotal role within the logistics chain.’ – Roy Knelissen 

Everything revolves around knowledge!

Since its inception, VIA has specialized in the recruitment and selection of personnel with a higher education background active in the logistics or supply chain industry, and in providing interim solutions.

But that's not all VIA offers. It also has its own VIA Academy, offering two training programmes for personal development: Your Career in Control (YCIC) for young professionals and YCIC+ since February 2017. The latter programme is aimed at employees with a higher vocational or university education background and at least twenty years’ work experience. 

United we stand!

As a logistics labour market specialist, it is important that we have a solid knowledge of developments within the sector. VIA is therefore involved with various knowledge partners, such as Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and is also an active member of a number of sector organizations and network associations, including SMART Logistics Centre Venlo, LIOF, and ELC Limburg. 

Roy loves being able to stand alongside these companies and partners at the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich, jointly presenting Limburg as the logistics hotspot of Europe as well as meeting clients of VIA Logistics Professionals and profiling the company as a knowledgeable partner and specialist in the field of employment mediation in the logistics sector. 

In order to find the perfect match between candidates and companies, it is vital that VIA Logistics Professionals has a solid knowledge of the logistics sector. Being an active and knowledgeable discussion partner and being familiar with all the technical terms sets VIA apart from other employment mediators. As Roy Knelissen puts it, being able to communicate on equal terms makes discussions easy and produces clear outcomes. 


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